Jiangyin EPS aluminum Co.,Ltd

Jiangyin EPS aluminum Co.,Ltd

Aluminum extrusion dies

Product category of aluminum extrusion die

Aluminum extrusion dies are critical part for extrusion pressing. We are reliable aluminum extrusion die supplier and specialize in offering all kinds of dies: building dies, industries dies ,especially vehicle dies, heat sink dies, solar panel dies and so on.

We are a professional aluminum extrusion die manufacturer

We are equipped with complete product line for a extrusion die manufacturer, for normal dies, we can finish in very short time with the best aluminum extrusion die design. Every month, we can finish more than 2000 sets extrusion dies in total. Every die will has its guaranteed yield.

Special service for customized extrusion dies and difficult dies

With years' experience and professional knowledge, we can also offer you difficult dies, big size dies and other special-required dies. Especially for some difficult products, we can provide good technical assistance. Not only a long-standing suppliers, we can also be your reliable partner and backup.

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