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Aluminum heat sink

Why aluminum heat sink

Due to the good thermal conductivity of aluminum alloys, various types of aluminum heat sink profiles are widely used in electrical appliances, machinery and other industries.



The structure of various types of heat sink profiles is composed of multiple tooth shapes. In order to improve the heat dissipation efficiency and increase the heat dissipation area, there are multiple tines on each tooth. Although this structure effectively improves the heat dissipation efficiency and improves the heat dissipation effect, it brings great resistance to the extrusion of the profile. Aluminum heat sink profiles are one of the more difficult and high-tech ones among aluminum extruded profiles.


Custom aluminum heat sink

Among various aluminum heat sink manufacturers, EPS is the specilist in the custom aluminium heat sink manufacturing. We have our own dies factory. We develop dies and extrude profiles according to customer drawings, including deep machining and surface treatment. We have the ability to develop complex heat sinks and customize them based on your drawings. EPS aims to be one of the best aluminum heat sink manufacturers in china.

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